Here at Bear River Vineyards we are proud to present our 100% estate grown wines.  Produced through gravity fed systems and developed with minimal intervention, our wines are uncomplicated, allowing our terroir to be naturally expressed.  We offer classic vinifera varieties along with some hardier cool climate hybrids.

2016 Black Fly Pinot Noir 

The classic Burgundian red grape.  Bear River Vineyards was the first winery in Nova Scotia to grow and bottle this delicate grape.  A light and easy red with a dark berry aroma and smooth finish. 


2017 Meguma Terrane Riesling  

Our vineyards are perfect for this German vinifera.  Our steep slopes and rocky slate soil must make it feel at home.  While Rieslings can vary in sweetness we make ours dry and crisp.  An excellent pairing with seafood. 

2017 Bearly Baco Saignee Rose

Taken from the free run juice of our Baco-Foch blend and fermented as a white wine, this rose has a sweet cherry aroma but finished with a cranberry note.  Only 370 bottles were produced using the saignee style, so supply is limited!


2015 Baco-Foch Red Blend  

This award winning wine dry red wine is a field blend of the hybrid varieties Baco Noir and Marechal Foch. They come together wonderfully to produce a smooth and slightly spicy taste and feel.  Excellent on its own or with roasted meat dishes.

2016 Greater Yellowlegs White Blend

Released in August, 2017, this three grape blend was our first release in the 750ml bottle size.  Geisenheim, Riseling, and Chardonnay combine for a citrus aroma and a hint of green apple on the finish. A refreshing summer sipper.